The story of 2 blokes who broke the internet.

One of the biggest and most watched fights took place over the weekend.

Claims as the “biggest” are obviously relative to the fight fan.

But claims as the most watched are non disputable.

People from all around the globe gathered to watch this bad boy, myself included, here in Brazil.

I used a VPN (makes it think I’m in the USA) on my phone and bought it thru the UFC app. Then I projected it to my Apple TV.

All was going well until the main event approached and then…

The app completely froze!

After it would ‘un-freeze’, I was getting a 503 service unavailable error.

I thought maybe my VPN service was crapping out on me.

As I franticly tried to mess with my settings, as guests sat with a look of disappointment on their face, a thought popped in my head…

“Google that sh#t!“

And to somewhat my delight (bc it wasn’t on my end) I discovered there were so many people trying to watch the fight that they …

… had broken the internet!

The UFC servers were crashing because of the influx of fight fans, eager to watch this epic fight.

They actually delayed the main event for 2 hours to fix the problems.

Which brings me to the whole point of this rather wordy back story.

There were a lot of people watching this fight.

A potential 1 billion households worldwide.

And there is 1 guy that has to deliver a presentation in front of all one billion of them (just households, people is ever higher).

The announcer.

If you think you have pressure on you, imagine a billion people watching you do your thing.

It’s a choreographed introduction, for sure. But there is still a lot of room and opportunity to flub it up.

How does one keep their cool with that many eye balls on you, at such an iconic event?

Preparation and mindset.

First, know your material cold. To the point you really don’t even have to think about it.

Secondly, condition your mind to act as if you are delivering the speech to 2 people in your living room. Don’t make it bigger and scarier than it is.

Your mindset is your single biggest asset, any nobody in the public space is better equipped to help you get your head on right, than 2 longtime trainers for Anthony (Tony) Robbins.

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Onwards and upwards,

Jeff Paro
The Chiro Speaking Company

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