Big Phat Liars

Big Pharma should change their name to Big Phat Liars. They are master manipulators and will use anything at their disposal to sell their dr-ughs!

I was just reading an article that discussed one of the tactics they use to influence the Medical Doctor community.

It’s called Medical Ghost writing.

If you’re not familiar with this practice it goes something like this:

The Big Phat Liars pay a PHD (aka research writer) 20K to write a report on on their drug with the known outcome to be: safe and effective.

Then they find a doctor that is hungry for fame and prestige and put his name on the report (sometimes paying him as well).

Then this doctor submits the report to medical journals.

Consider the testimony from deputy editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association: “This [journal articles] is all about bypassing science. Medicine is becoming a sort of Cloud Cuckoo Land, where doctors don’t know what papers they can trust in the journals, and the public doesn’t want to believe.”

It’s a mess.

It’s reckless.

And it’s your responsibility as chiropractor to spread the truth.

How you combat this is by exposing as many people as you can to the lies. You can’t do this on a big scale, one on one.

You have to use the power of 1 to many communication.

We can help you. We can show you how to best use the medium of public speaking and how to craft a powerful, compelling message. A message that will transform minds and enroll them into becoming advocates.

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See you tomorrow,

Jeff Paro

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