Sticking with the basics, will GUARANTEE your success

Bitcoin is the talk of the town. On my plane ride over the pond, I got to hear an hour-long dissertation on why Bitcoin is the new internet.

While I’m not disagreeing that people haven’t made money and that you may make money in the future…. but, it’s risky.

There are many ways to Rome and maybe Bitcoin is one of them, but I prefer to take the known path, instead of going down the road to where nobody knows where it’s going.

The same in your practice:

MAYBE, you will become the next social media star and get 75K followers on Twitter, Instagram or Youtube… but there’s inherent risk. Too many unknowns. And nobody has charted a way to achieve those results over and over by simply following a plan.

When I was working Roberto at the Anthony Robbins Companies, Roberto was never the most polished speaker (surprise surprise) but he was always the most consistent guy.

He always took the unsexy, proven route to success.

He would make the calls and follow-ups to sell the single ticket, instead of hoping to land the elusive big whale.

He always ran the meeting whether it had 3 people or 3,000.

And for his efforts and discipline, he was always the top producer.

Sticking with the basics will guarantee your success.

Giving talks in the community… dinner talks… lunch and learns isn’t complicated, requires work and isn’t sexy.. but they will GUARANTEE SUCCESS. It’s been proven over and over and stands the test of time.

Using speaking as your main way of driving leads and getting new patients isn’t new and sexy but it’s route to success that has little or no risk of time or money and ANYONE can do it.

It’s all right here. We’ve got all the basic (and advanced) public speaking training you need to make 2018 the best year ever.

It’s all nicely packaged for you here:

Onward and upward,

Jeff “Sterling” Paro
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