The anti-conversion series # 1: Public Speaking Training For Chiros

When I was working for the Anthony Robbins companies back in 2003, one of my earlier influence mentors told me this:

“Sometimes, if you want to become more persuasive, it is not about adding a new strategy, it is about removing what is preventing you from selling more.”

That was a great lesson for me and I have embraced this principle in my coaching since then. It makes sense, it parallels with Chiropractic, it is not about adding a pill or a potion, it is about removing the interference.

That is why I created this “anti-conversion” series – because sometimes it is not about adding a new sales strategy during a talk, it is about removing something that is preventing doctors from converting more.

I have the pleasure to review and coach more chiropractic talks then anybody in the world, so I see all these mistakes that doctors are doing right now when conducting: dinner with the doctor program, outside talks, patient orientation classes, group doctor’s reports, and other health-related talks.

In this video series, I will be sharing with you some of these “anti-conversion” behaviors so you can avoid them.

Here is video # 1

Don’t speak to inform, speak to transform – Roberto Monaco



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