Interview with Dr. Jennifer Hastings

Roberto Monaco

Roberto Monaco

Co-founder, The Chiro Speaking Company
Roberto is the creator of the acclaimed 3-day public speaking seminar called Influencing From The Front, an experience that has improved the performance of thousands of presenters world-wide. Roberto is also the publisher of many online courses for the Influence Academy platform as well as monthly trainings for The Chiro Speaking Club.

Roberto:                       Okay. Roberto Monaco here with The Chiro Speaking Company and The Chiro Speaking Club and today I have an awesome, awesome leaders introduced to you Dr Jennifer Hastings. How's it going?

Dr. Hastings:                 Doing awesome. Happy to be here with you.

Roberto:                       I'm so excited. For those who don't know, Dr Jennifer, she's an amazing, amazing person. When I say amazing person, I'm telling has the biggest heart ever. I had an opportunity to connect with her I think maybe four or five years ago?

Dr. Hastings:                 Yeah, Yeah three to four years ago.

Roberto:                       Years ago and then I become friends. She's an amazing doctor out in South Florida in Miami and Miami area. And she has a big heart. Awesome chiropractor. Oh, hold on. I forgot to ... recording.

Roberto:                       Three, two, one, everybody Monaco here with the Kairos Speaking Company and the Kairos Speaking Club and today I have an awesome leader to introduce you. Dr Jennifer Hastings. How's it going Dr. Jennifer?

Dr. Hastings:                 Yeah. Awesome. Happy to be here with you.

Roberto:                       I'm so excited. Dr Jennifer and I, we have known each other for three years, almost four years. She's an amazing leader, amazing doctor of chiropractic. She, she practicing South Florida.

Roberto:                       And today's conversations about charisma on camera. And the reason I invited Dr Jennifer is because she's been doing TV for 10... not one, not two, not three, 10 years. And, I highly encourage you guys to go and watch some of our clips on YouTube and she'll be talking more about that later on. But she has an amazing charisma, amazing personality, and I think comes from your heart because your heart's all win to serve people. So welcome Dr Jennifer.

Dr. Hastings:                 Thank you. Thank you. It's always great to be here with you and I'm glad to be able to contribute to the mission of speaking.

Roberto:                       That's it. And today, the context here is speaking in front of a camera and I know you do a lot of TV and you do videos too. So tell us a little bit about your journey using video and being for 10 years on TV and spreading the message of Chiropractic.

Dr. Hastings:                 Yeah, so you know how it all started? Actually, I could say my speaking career actually started when I was a chiropractic assistant.

Dr. Hastings:                 I started out as a [inaudible 00:02:24] When I realized this was my calling, I became a chiropractic assistant . And there was a meeting that you actually came to a couple of weeks ago called Saturday Night Live in South Florida.

Roberto:                       Yup.

Dr. Hastings:                 I'd come to those meetings as a chiropractic assistant. And at the beginning of a meeting, one of the doctors came up to me and he said, "Well, when the meeting starts, we want you to get up in the front of the group and speak and tell us your story. Tell us how you got into chiropractic. Tell us what's going on. As a chiropractic assistant." And my heart froze because I was a total introvert. Speaking in front of people. It's not my thing. I was a quiet, shy girl.

Dr. Hastings:                 As a matter of fact, in high school, my nickname was Wednesday. Do you know Wednesday from the Adams family?

Roberto:                       No. NO.

Dr. Hastings:                 No? That's very quiet, walks around like this. She used to always be dressed in black. And so that used to be my nickname because I was always very serious and introverted.

Roberto:                       I didn't know that about you.

Dr. Hastings:                 That was me. So when I got asked to speak, I was definitely afraid. And I said, "Oh, no, no, no. I am not getting up there and talking." And one of the doctors, Doctor Pollack came up to me and she looked at me in the eyes and she said, "When you're asked to speak, you speak. When and when he needs, and universal intelligence asks you to speak, you need to speak. It doesn't matter if you know what you're going to say or you're not going to do or you don't know what you're going to say, you have to get up there and speak." And so you know her, her level of assertiveness called upon me to get up there and speak. And so that was actually the first time that I got up there and spoke and spoke about the story of Chiropractic.

Dr. Hastings:                 And so years later, anytime I would get asked to speak, and somehow the universe works in such a way that I am asked to speak at the last minute, many times.

Dr. Hastings:                 So you know, there was a moment that a girlfriend told me that she was going to create a woman's conference and she said, "I want you to be one of the speakers." And I said, "Sure." I didn't know how big it was going to be. I didn't know how serious it was going to be, but I just said, "Sure." Because I learned to start saying yes to every speaking opportunity and that's what we're going to cover when we talk about some tips-

Roberto:                       mm-hmm. (affirmative)

Dr. Hastings:                 ... need to speak, whether you're speaking to two people, whether you speaking to 2000 people or 2 million people on TV, you need to speak.

Dr. Hastings:                 So I got up in this conference and I spoke and because I did not know about the structure and I did not know about a powerful close, I spoke and I spoke and I gave lots of amazing information. But at the end of the day, I didn't close people to come to my practice. Now these were 400 of the most powerful businesswoman in South Florida.

Roberto:                       Wow.

Dr. Hastings:                 Amazing. Imagine, even if I had a hundred of those as patients, if I would've closed properly. But that did open, although I didn't know how to close to get people to my office and people did come and make appointments and everything. But out of 400 I didn't convert that many that I could have to transform their health.

Dr. Hastings:                 I did touch somebody's life with my authenticity and from speaking from the heart. And this woman was the author of a book and we exchanged numbers. She came to my table. She lived two hours away from where my practice was. And she just, you know, she came and gave me a hug and she said, "Everything that you spoke about is what I wrote about in my book. You know, we'll stay in touch." Well, a year later this woman called me and she said, I really, you know, respect you a lot. And they called me to speak about my book on TV, but I don't speak Spanish. So will you please go and speak about my book on TV?

Roberto:                       Wow.

Dr. Hastings:                 What do you think I said?

Roberto:                       Yes.

Dr. Hastings:                 Go ahead.

Roberto:                       What was the book about by the way?

Dr. Hastings:                 The book was about food addiction, which technically I'm not a counselor. I don't know anything about food addiction. So I told her, I said, "Go ahead and mail me the book and I'll read it and I'll do the TV segment."

Roberto:                       That's a lot of courage right there.

Dr. Hastings:                 Well, the funny part is I, she said, "I can't mail you the book. The TV segment is in two days." I said, "Oh, Lord. Okay." So I said, "Let's schedule a conference call. Tell me about your book. And then what I'll do is I'll go and I'll do the segments." So she told me about her book, you know, I learned about food addiction and emotions. I coupled it with chiropractic and subluxation and emotional stress and disconnect.

Dr. Hastings:                 I get to the TV show and right before we walked into the studio, I told the producer, I said, "If I make a mistake, can I say cut or do you guys say cut?" And she said, "Have you watched the program before?" And they said, "Yeah, I've watched this program since I was a little girl." And she said, "Well, it's live TV. So, you can't say cut."

Dr. Hastings:                 So needless to say that, thank God I loved riding roller coasters. Thank God I love the, the rush of surfing. Because to me that's what gave me the courage to continue doing TV. It's just riding... Like riding a roller coaster. That adrenaline rush and, and just going out there. And I, although I was afraid at the beginning. And it's, you know, you always get that adrenaline rush. It's an opportunity to educate millions of people in a matter of minutes.

Dr. Hastings:                 So I started out by speaking in a small group and just having the courage every moment that I was presented to speak, whether it was within five minutes notice, whether a two day notice for live TV or a month's notice, just taking every opportunity on to speak. That's how it started.

Roberto:                       That's beautiful. That's powerful. What's fascinating, I didn't know because you were very charismatic, both in person and on camera and doing when you speak. I didn't know that you were shy before that you didn't talk to many people. Interesting. Very interesting. So in the topic of a charisma, how would you define charisma in your own words? What does charisma mean to you?

Dr. Hastings:                 I would, I would say charisma is authenticity and coming from the heart.

Roberto:                       mm-hmm (affirmative)

Dr. Hastings:                 People really get that, you know. A lot of times we, when we come from the head and want to give all this information to people, we forget that at the other end is a human being. And as a human being, that they will absorb things a lot more effectively if you actually connect from the heart. And if they understand that you truly care.

Dr. Hastings:                 You know, one of the things that happens to us is a lot of times within everything that we have going on in our heads and in our lives, we can wear different suits. And sometimes we walk up there and we might be wearing the doctor's suit.

Roberto:                       mm-hmm (affirmative)

Dr. Hastings:                 And we might come across as a doctor. And we might always be doctors. But a patient, a person of human being is going to connect a lot more to that doctor or that other, that person that's communicating a message. If they know that you're coming from the heart. Just like you, you know. You're not just doing your job as a trainer, but you truly care about people being able to share their message and impacting people with their mission.

Dr. Hastings:                 So charisma I would say is coming from the heart-

Roberto:                       mm-hmm (affirmative)

Dr. Hastings:                 ... being authentic. And one of the things that I do when I'm in a TV studio, you know, and there's, you know, three to five cameras, there's people running around in the background, you know, they're starting to count five, four, three, two, one. And you know that in a matter of seconds, millions of people are watching you. And if you make a mistake, there's no turning back. You know, I just start to think about all the men and women behind those cameras. I visualize those cameras as those people.

Roberto:                       mm-hmm (affirmative)

Dr. Hastings:                 And I speak into the camera as I'm talking to the person. And I have to forget about me and my fears and I'm thinking about who's at the other end and connecting with them from the heart.

Roberto:                       That's beautiful. And if for those who know you, you're hundred percent all heart. And know you're very grateful for it, super grateful for it.

Dr. Hastings:                 Thank you.

Roberto:                       What are some tips as far as if someone has a, for example... I have a little bit of TV experienced not on your level. I have done maybe 10 shows down in San Diego. So for someone who has been for 10 years on TV and your stage is bigger. The TV shows that you were. What are some tips that someone that you can trust? Either someone can use if they have a TV show or if they want to record video doing Facebook live or YouTube video. What are some tips that you want to share?

Dr. Hastings:                 Yeah, so one, there's a couple of things. If you are doing TV, whether it's live or not live, you know, some things as simple as preparing-

Roberto:                       mm-hmm (affirmative)

Dr. Hastings:                 ... your, your time management of when you're going to get there. How you're going to get there. You know, being there early, especially with live TV. If you happen to be, it's happened before where you're driving down the highway and you're encounter an accident.

Roberto:                       Oh Oh the stress.

Dr. Hastings:                 Yeah. And so with TV, every millisecond is actually managed. So you have to make sure that you plan ahead of time. I always, if I'm ever doing a new studio, you know I've done both live and and and and prerecorded where it comes out a month later. Even though when it's a new studio, I will actually drive to the studio before the day of the show. Whether it's a week before or whether it's, a couple of days-

Roberto:                       Nice. Nice.

Dr. Hastings:                 Well to know where parking is going to be because there are times that if you're all dressed up... And I've already learned my lesson, you guys think-

Roberto:                       And you have makeup on.

Dr. Hastings:                 ... makeup on and you're wearing heels and you're driving from like you know your park two blocks away cause some of these studios are huge and their parking lots are huge. You'd park two blocks away and now you got to go in heels. No, wear flats.

Dr. Hastings:                 One of my favorite chiropractors and one quote one day and I always remember that. "Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance."

Roberto:                       Yup.

Dr. Hastings:                 Preparing, getting to know the studio. A couple of other things is practice. Practice. I practice the day of. I will practice in the shower, I'm taking a shower and I'm just reviewing everything in my head. I'm looking in the mirror. I'm looking at how my hand language, my body language is doing. Even if it's not the full presentation. I will practice a couple of minutes with my husband and just see, listen to this for two minutes and I'll get some feedback. Something as okay, what is my posture like? Am I communicating effectively? If you don't feel comfortable with how you speak, I've actually hired a, I don't know how to call it an English, but a verbalization coach-

Roberto:                       Okay. Yup.

Dr. Hastings:                 As I-

Roberto:                       No. I think what they call it now is an enunciation coach.

Dr. Hastings:                 Enunciation coach.

Roberto:                       Yup.

Dr. Hastings:                 Yes, exactly that... enunciation. I knew the word in Spanish. But, Yes.

Roberto:                       And by the way... And I was watching you the TV in both languages still. Right?

Dr. Hastings:                 I do. I do.

Roberto:                       That's even more impressive.

Dr. Hastings:                 Absolutely. And that's why I said, "Can I say cut if I make a mistake." Because I speak Spanglish really well. So, so, but you want to learn to, you know, properly communicate.

Dr. Hastings:                 Also train watching your videos.

Roberto:                       mm-hmm (affirmative). Yup.

Dr. Hastings:                 You know they actually do on a regular basis. I am a member of Chiro speaking club. I listen to you in the mornings whether I have a doctor's report that day or not. Every moment that we're with another human being, we are communicating.

Roberto:                       one hundred percent.

Dr. Hastings:                 Communication. The more effective we are in communication, whether it's on TV and on or on radio, the more effective we could be at reaching millions with our communication.

Dr. Hastings:                 Start with the end in mind.

Roberto:                       mm-hmm (affirmative)

Dr. Hastings:                 I say this all the time. When you're doing a presentation, when you're doing TV, when you're doing a radio show, start with the end in mind. Why? Because if not, we're just going to ramble on -

Roberto:                       mm-hmm (affirmative)

Dr. Hastings:                 ... and comes and you are not prepared to say, "Hey, give us a call or this is what I want you to do. Take action." So start with an end in mind when you're preparing your TV presentation.

Roberto:                       Oh, okay. Quick question on that topic. I know we do a lot of... I just saw a picture of you speaking at Church last week and I think are super part of you, right? And, I know you do a lot of live workshops for the, for a South Florida. When you prepare, what has been things that you keep in your mind when you say, okay, how would you prepare differently if you're doing a presentation on TV versus a presentation for a group? How what? How is that different in your mind?

Dr. Hastings:                 Hmm. Yeah. How is that different?

Roberto:                       Is that the, maybe the size of the content, maybe less? Do you do you prep less... the less content? You speak in more sound bites. You know what I mean?

Dr. Hastings:                 Yes.

Roberto:                       How do you go about the preparation?

Dr. Hastings:                 Yes. So with TV one is... You want it, you want to be in regular communication with the producer. Don't be shy. One of the things that happens with producers is they're very limited in their time and they speak to you. They texts you most of the time and they're always to the point. But if you have any questions with TV, contact them. Ask them, "Okay, how much time do we have?" Create a bullet point of that and review those bullets and you know, memorize them whether it's five bullet points. Use your hand to memorize all the points in your hand to memorize because you will not be able to have paper on TV you... For TV, one of the things that I love to have is props for live more or for TV. They focus on those props. It's a lot harder to move around and walk around. For live presentations, I prepare on my body language and how am I going to engage the audience to keep them connected.

Roberto:                       Great distinction. I love that. Great distinction.

Dr. Hastings:                 So it's two different things.

Roberto:                       Yup. Yup.

Dr. Hastings:                 People engage on TV, you have props. You show them whether it's a spine, whatever you're talking about, you want to have props. And the cameras will actually focus on the props.

Dr. Hastings:                 One of the key things I got from the, from one of my coaches, because every now and then I hired the enunciation coach.

Roberto:                       Yup.

Dr. Hastings:                 I have a patient that's an actor that... I was starting to do a couple of shows on the, on a row and I wanted to make sure that I would really provide for the TV network what they wanted from me.

Roberto:                       Okay.

Dr. Hastings:                 And so he said... He's, he gave me $1 million tip. Roberto.

Roberto:                       Okay, I'm ready. I'm ready. I have my notebook here.

Dr. Hastings:                 So when you're doing TV-

Roberto:                       Okay.

Dr. Hastings:                 ... a lot of times you want to own connecting with the camera. And that's something that you want to do with practice. And as you're practicing doing YouTube videos, you actually get to do that. When you're on TV, if you're doing a TV with a host, they tell you, just talk to the host. Well, what's happening when you're talking to the host, there's a camera behind the host and they're getting you, but you're not connecting eye to eye. People don't feel you unless you're connecting eye to eye.

Roberto:                       Aw, I see. So, if you're connecting, you're connecting to your, to the host. Not, not look at the camera directly, but you are because there's a camera behind behind the person. I get it.

Dr. Hastings:                 When you, when you, if you really get comfortable and you know which camera's on you, what you actually want to do, is you want to take the time to look at the camera and you want to take the time to connect with the camera and show them whatever you're doing or just talk directly to the camera and connect from the heart.

Roberto:                       Well, how do you connect with the camera? Because this is like at that, I think that's the, the secret sauce.

Dr. Hastings:                 Yes.

Roberto:                       So how, what is, what is the mental gymnastics or visualization that you do? Okay, now I'm going to connect to this camera. How you go about connecting?

Dr. Hastings:                 So you want to know which camera's on you. And one is the, they'll have the lights on top. And once you learn to, like, once you learn to read the cinematographers, they'll also point at the camera. But who I look at when I'm looking at the cameras, I'm looking at my mom. And I'm thinking, this is my mom I'm speaking to. Because I feel profound love for my mother. My mother worked very hard in her life. You know, she, she could've benefited from chiropractic care, I, you know, from many years ago. So when I look at the camera, I'm looking at a person that I love and I'm speaking to them versus thinking, okay, this is the camera and there's millions of people behind there. So you want to speak to the camera, like you're speaking to somebody that you care about.

Dr. Hastings:                 Yeah.

Roberto:                       That's beautiful.

Dr. Hastings:                 Yeah, and so when they, when they invite you to the studio, they have you connect to the, to the a presenter. You want to learn how to connect with the camera because the more you speak to the camera, the camera focuses on you. And that's time that the, when the camera focuses on you, it's you solely on the air. And so it's that, that was like $1 million tip that I didn't know because every time I'd walk into the studio and say, just talk to the presenter, just talk to the presenter. And once I started to own that, I have more one on one with the camera.

Roberto:                       I love that. I love that. Thanks so much for sharing that Dr Jennifer, you're awesome. I'm a big fan. I kept waiting for you have to your own TV show, you know?

Dr. Hastings:                 Maybe someday, yeah.

Roberto:                       You know you want to have a lot of followers for sure. Because you have such a beautiful heart and you love to help people. So if anybody in chiropractic, our members, non-members want to reach out, say hi, what do they for? What's your Facebook page or YouTube channel? There's anything that people can plug in?

Dr. Hastings:                 Yes, and you can always find me on Facebook. It's Jennifer Hastings DC. And so that's the best way to find me. You could always message me through there. My YouTube Channel is DrJen777, D-R-J-E-N 777. Or you could just put Dr Jennifer Hastings and you'll get to see a couple of the segments that I've actually taken the time to upload on YouTube. You could always just message me or email me.

Dr. Hastings:                 Yeah, yeah. And if you have any questions, I'm here to serve. Our goal is to get, you know, along with you, and thank you for doing what you do, Roberto, because with your tools, we're able to more effectively reach millions. And I'm here to support whoever has a TV opportunity. Whoever wants to figure out how to get a TV opportunity. You know, I'm here to answer any questions so that we could serve millions,

Roberto:                       Much love to you. Thanks so much for your time today. Appreciate you.

Dr. Hastings:                 Thank you.



Dr. Jennifer Hastings

Chiropractor & Speaker

Born in New York and raised in the diversity of South Florida, Dr. Hastings has had the opportunity to travel to various countries and see first hand the impact of a fast paced lifestyle and stress on health. She has been involved in one of the top Natural Health care professions in our country for over 24 years. She first started receiving chiropractic care for migraine headaches as a teen and soon discovered a new path to Health and Wellbeing.

Deeply called to help her community achieve better health, she pursued her Bachelors in Biology and then Doctors in Chiropractic from Life University, graduating in 2005. After her studies in Atlanta, she returned to South Florida to make an impact in the health of our community.

For the last Fourteen years, Dr. Hastings has been serving residents in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties out of her practice Cafe of Life Chiropractic. Chiropractic and Lifestyle educational workshops are provided to the members of the community providing tools for Healing and Full Life Expression! It is her goal to empower and reconnect individuals, families and athletes for Maximum Performance and to reach their God given Potential!

Dr. Hastings has been featured on National and International TV, radio shows, leadership seminars, church health talks, and corporate health workshops. Through these mediums she has educated millions of people in family health, injury prevention, increasing employee productivity, nutrition, helping decrease missed work days, and empowering women.

Past President of the West Broward Women’s Business Mastermind Group, and Broward County’s Latin Chamber 2012 Small Business Person of the year, Dr Hastings is highly inspired to help community members live at their Highest Potential. She lives everyday in the space of providing people access to Living an Extraordinary life.