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Roberto Monaco

Roberto Monaco

Co-founder, The Chiro Speaking Company
Roberto is the creator of the acclaimed 3-day public speaking seminar called Influencing From The Front, an experience that has improved the performance of thousands of presenters world-wide. Roberto is also the publisher of many online courses for the Influence Academy platform as well as monthly trainings for The Chiro Speaking Club.

Roberto:           What's up, bud?

Dr. Zaino:          Hey, what's up Roberto, and hello everybody that's on there. Glad for having me back. Yeah, this is a good... I like this, today, I like what we're going to talk about today. [crosstalk 00:00:32] Yeah.

Roberto:           We're going to have a lot of fun. So for those who don't know, I think it's almost impossible in chiropractic to not know who Dr. Zaino is, but Dr. Zaino and I, we hooked up about what, five years ago?

Dr. Zaino:          Yes.

Roberto:           Five years ago, I think around five years ago, and he has been a big influence in my life. He is the one responsible for me to have my chiropractic story, me, and my wife, and my baby, most of you have heard before. Well Dr. Zaino actually referred me Dr. Ryan Hammel, and we become friends, we work together, and at one point Dr. Zaino had one of the largest practices in chiropractic history, and correct from wrong, Dr. Zaino, it was like 2000 people a week that you were seeing? Patients a week?

And not only that but he has built up systems, speaking systems, patient communication systems, Dinner With The Doctor, group doctor reports, and then also he does stuff outside chiropractic in The Hero Project.

So, the guy is a powerhouse, always studying, always learning, so I'm super grateful to introduce Dr. Chris Zaino.

Dr. Zaino:          Hey, thanks, Roberto. [crosstalk 00:01:38]

Roberto:           Tell us a little bit about your journey as far as... the whole theme of today's training is charisma camera, let's talk about the video portion first.

So what has been your experience, maybe your journey, using video?

Dr. Zaino:          Well I mean, I think everybody needs to understand their vehicle of influence, right. There's a vehicle of influence, and these vehicles are free. You know, you've got social media so what is it? You could write a blog. You could do a podcast audio. You could do MP3s, and then you have video, right, speaking in video, and so my vehicle I chose is speaking in video, and for someone to say they speak and someone to say they do video, and you know very well, Roberto, because you could speak doesn't mean you would do video, and... or vice versa.

Roberto:           A hundred percent. That's a great distinction right there.

Dr. Zaino:          Yes, because a good friend of ours, Dan Pompa, might remember we did a video with him, he's like, "Can you have your staff sit in front... behind the camera?"

I'm like, "Why, and you're a great speaker?"

He's like, "I need people."

So he is a person that gets the energy from the crowd, where I could look at a lens of a camera... I'll get to that in a minute. So, I started doing video, and you know when you start doing video, let me go on how The Hero Project worked, because I think part of what I want to talk about is practice, and this gets into the charisma thing later on.

So, I knew that if I could go online and do a Facebook Live, and I could kind of... because I was experimenting with my Hero Project, I was getting these downloads and when I get these downloads... How do I know the market or, you guys that are watching like it? So I would share it, you know. I would go on for 15 minutes and share concept, share concept, and I would get the feedback, and then I got great feedback, and then I did it the day after. Another 15 minutes, and I found out the more I did it, I wasn't scared. I enjoyed it. I was communicating. And 186 days later, or 186... I mean every day Facebook Live, video, video, video. Like I built the entire I Am Hero Project course from the feedback from the market and things I was testing people liked or they didn't really resonate with, so it was like, wow, the power of video.

But I also noticed how I changed with the video, I became more comfortable, and when you become more... I became comfortable because I became more confident. And then I became more confident because I had more practice. And when you have confidence and practice, the lens of the camera, or the lens of this webcam I'm looking at was not a judgmental...

Here, this is the thing, a lot of times when you're in front of video, you're trying to picture people at the other end and you have insecurities, you think it's judgmental, you think, "Are they going to like what I have to say?" And through practicing consistency and getting comfortable with that, the lens to me... where I'm looking right now, to me, Roberto, it looks like a very endearing eye. It looks like a loving eye looking at me, so it's very easy for me to talk to a loving eye, and so you see the mindset shift, but how [crosstalk 00:04:33] insecurity, so you know, it all became... because, but I didn't see that. I came from a judgmental, "What are people going to think? Are they going to like what I have to say?" but when I spoke, and I did something I felt, "Shit, I bombed it," but then people say, "This is exactly what I needed to hear, you changed my life."

So I realized that even on my worst day, even if I feel I didn't have something to say correctly, it still was benefiting people, so the camera, the lens, became a loving eye. It was like speaking in front of an audience, Roberto, where you know everybody loves you. It's a much better crowd.

So, that's kind of the mindset, but there's a lot of, but the practice, the consistency, the everyday-ness of it, brought the confidence, and then confidence... now we get into what charisma is, how can I connect [crosstalk 00:05:22]

Roberto:           Before getting into this, you said something that I... a couple things that I picked up that, one, the lens is a loving eye, I'm going to drop that, I'm going to steal that from you, I give a credit to you but I like that, I love that. [crosstalk 00:05:36] Really good. And for those who don't know, Dr. Chris Zaino, man, how many talks, live talks, have we done before recording videos? A couple of thousand?

Dr. Zaino:          Yeah.

Roberto:           Yeah. So what's fascinating a lot of people think "Wow man, here's the guy who's done a couple thousand talks." Right, embrace video because he said, "As I start doing video, I became even more comfortable, and then more confidence."

Man, it's weird, but it doesn't matter how much skill you have or how much... so people think a lot of video marketers that I've seen, they do a lot of video, man you put them on stage and they freeze.

Dr. Zaino:          Yeah.

Roberto:           They're no good, right? And the opposite, too. When I was at Tony Robbins' camp, I had my couple thousand talks, too, and I remember recording my first videos. I felt really awkward and I felt like I was... I couldn't do any message lasting 15 minutes because I didn't know how to communicate things in three minutes or five minutes, you know. So I appreciate you sharing that.

So let's talk about charisma. I think charisma's really important and there's different definitions, and a lot of people think charisma is something that you're just born with, it's not a skill to develop. I have a different mindset. I think charisma's something that you can turn it on, turn it off.

So let me ask you, in your... how would you define charisma?

Dr. Zaino:          I define it as attractiveness. So it's attractiveness by both men and female. Attractiveness that is due a high level of self-confidence that was put there to practice of your purpose, practice of your message, and certainty of what your purpose is in life.

So I think when you... there was actually things to get to that point, that's where that confidence and attractiveness comes from, because I know I've been there where I've lost it, and I know exactly why I did.

I would say I'm a very charismatic person, I'm very attractive to people that way when I speak because I know all the work I put behind it, so that resonates and comes through.

Roberto:           So for you, because you have several quote unquote, elements, so for you it's practice of purpose? What else you said, purpose?

Dr. Zaino:          Practice, just practice. So like, remember when we did that Hero talk? I practiced that thing-

Roberto:           Yes.

Dr. Zaino:          And when I practiced it, I was confident, see, it's attractiveness, they sense your confidence, your confidence was because you practiced.

Roberto:           Okay.

Dr. Zaino:          Right, and you practiced in a way, you didn't practice... like practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. So that's why, Roberto, what do we do? I sent you videos, I did not practice... guys you've got to understand... I did not practice my talk by reading my talk.

Imagine this, like, can I tell you a story about Justice and Chuck Norris?

Roberto:           Yeah, I love that.

Dr. Zaino:          So Justice, he was the bow, he was the world championship in doing the bow. You know, the bow staff.

So he was kind of on the sidelines and he was practicing at half speed, and he was like rehearsing in his mind, and you know, just kind of, and then his teacher goes, he's like, "Is that the form you're going to perform at the world championships?"

He's like, "Well, yeah, I'm practicing."

He's like, "No." He's like, "Every time you do that form, you need to do it as if you're being judged for the world championships." He's like, "You've got to get your entire nervous system into it."

So, how many of you guys are watching this and you do your talk by reading it, in your head? But you take away the body language. You take away the... you take away so many of the most important elements, so when I worked for Roberto, I sent him... I videotaped everything and everything, it was uncomfortable, it sucked, but I practiced. I did perfect practice and then the more I practiced the more confident I was in my messages, and my talk, and now when I'm confident and I show up, the confidence goes through and that becomes very attractive which is then charisma.

Roberto:           I love that, and remember too the... something, I think one of my grateful for in my relationships, coach relationships, is that I learn so much, and something I learned from you man, is the speed of implementation.

I think from everybody I ever worked with I think as far as someone... not only implements, but implements fast, is you, and remember you sending the videos and I'm like, "Okay man, go makes these changes." And I was like, an hour later, bing! A video. I'm like, "This guy!"

Dr. Zaino:          Roberto, but you taught me low die monster.

Roberto:           Yeah, that's it.

Dr. Zaino:          My trade isn't speed of implementation, everybody, my trade is... I'm like anybody else, my trade is, you know Roberto, I want to get through the uncomfortableness as fast as possible, because you think you're going to start doing videos -

Roberto:           That's good line! That's good line!

Dr. Zaino:          That's what speed of implementation is, isn't it? I want to get my assed kicked as quick as I can so I can get past that, and then it's good, right, because we don't like the beginning.

Roberto:           Man, that's a good line.

Dr. Zaino:          It's not a line, Roberto, you know... like remember in martial arts, when you do martial arts, the first couple of years, you know, how can I squeeze that learning process, and so, let's go, let me do it, let me get punched, right. You get punched first, then you're like, "Let's go. I got it. I got it."

Roberto:           That's a good philosophy, you know, that's a great philosophy.

So we talked a little bit about video, talked about your journey through video, charisma, so if is anybody listening to us right now, and I noticed that there's some people that obviously now with the whole tech... what's available to us, all right, from YouTube... when I started video marketing 2009, man, did I have... check this out, did I have Facebook video? Did I have Live? LinkedIn didn't have video, LinkedIn has Live now. So all these things didn't exist, and I feel like more and more have all these opportunities.

So what are some tips that maybe, some of your routines, some of your practices, some things that tangible people can do to present and speak with charisma in front of a camera?

Dr. Zaino:          Practice, you know, do it every day. Do it every day but I want you to do it every day knowing that, like, I remember, Roberto, when I started doing it, we all have our good topics, right, so after about two weeks, I'm like, "I'm running out of my good stuff."

And I want everybody to get there because when you run out of your good stuff, then you have to have, you have to trust your instincts to be able to always provide, so then after a while I realized I ran out of my good stuff, then I had another topic, then I had another topic, and then I was able... I got into a mode of creation, and I was able to create, and create, create, and then you get the confidence, see, it's confidence, to say I have unlimited content, and then when you get, you see the confidence came, the confidence came though by going, "I ran out of my good Success 101 content that I always say, so now I've got to create new stuff." And then I created new stuff, and I was confident that I could do this, and I realized wow, life gives me a topic every day, and so, I have, the universe gives me unlimited content, I'll never run out of content, so that extra confidence... see, it's the journey of it, but it doesn't happen by waiting it, you just got to do it and feel like, "Wow today sucked, my talk sucked." But people feedback, "Hey that was great. I needed to hear that. You changed my life." Wow.

So, then I realized I was having a weak moment, I was not confident, but when it comes to speaking and talks -

Roberto:           Yup

Dr. Zaino:          It doesn't mean you just haphazardly, you know, you just kind of show up and wing it, it's like, no, you've gotta have preparation like any type of athlete, they prepare between the performances, so, you know, Roberto, maybe we should go over what is an easy preparation routine of doing a daily video, right, because let's say, a talk, we get it, we're prepping, and there's, we know your secrets of doing a talk and a keynote but on a daily routine, what is like a quick, boom, boom, boom, and then so we can kind of get in a flow of.[inaudible 00:13:40]

Roberto:           So what I like to... my kind of like when I do short videos, marketing videos, I like to outline my talk, for example if I'm doing... what I've learned through the years that before the old Roberto, before video-marketing, I'd get a camera, I'd outline it, and man if I don't do a full blown, almost like a keynote on video, I'm not serving. That was my old mindset, which I believe is wrong, because I feel like now, we still study and we still host video and they have millions and millions of videos to match the stats and the average viewing time of video is two minutes. Now that doesn't mean, does not mean, that if you record a five minute video, or a ten minute video, people are not going to watch. Why? Because people watch Ted Talks, but the likelihood is that the longer you go, the harder it is.

So now if I'm doing a three minute video, I, I focus on one idea, you know, just one core message, you know, so what's my major point to claim. Number two, I do the best I can to come up illustrational stories. Sometimes it's a real story, sometimes it's a hypothetical example, or sometimes an analogy, and I train... that's something I've developed over the years, let me give an example, and I have this phrase, "Let me give an example. Let me give an example. Let me give an example. Let me give an example."

So when I drive the point home and go, "Let me give an example," and then I tell the story, tell the analogy, or tell the hypothetical example, and then I do some type of go to action, and then I really go, I don't write, I just outline two or three things, I go out a couple times, and then I go, I record it.

So that's my methodology. I do rehearse, but I don't do like, you know, twenty times, you know. I rehearse a couple times until I feel it, and so, in the marketing videos, now obviously, if I'm doing a -

Dr. Zaino:          Like a sales video?

Roberto:           Yeah, sales video, there's more, there's way more, there's more. You know what I mean?

Dr. Zaino:          So all your -[crosstalk 00:15:41]

Roberto:           How do you do it? How do you do it?

Dr. Zaino:          No, no. I said all you have to do it click below and get Roberto's daily video template below, right now. There you go. That's good, see. You've got lots of video, right? [crosstalk 00:15:51]

Roberto:           Yeah, so I think that's... I want to talk about two things that I think you're brilliant at.

One, I remember when, let's talk about vulnerability. I want to talk about vulnerability and how to create content quickly, before we wrap up.

How does someone become... because I remember watching I Am Hero, man, some videos were emotional, I think, you had, tear eye, and all that stuff. I remember watching when you launched the series, so what is the... why becoming vulnerable in front of a camera and sharing? Why is that?

Dr. Zaino:          I can... I could connect... Number one, it gives me freedom. It gives me healing, and that's the best way I connect with the crowd, you know, that's my favorite way to connect with them because honestly on stage, Robert, like I'm going through transitions now in my life right now and I'm kind of numb on the outside, and on the inside, and you know I got to speak the other weekend and that was the only time teared up in months, dude, and it's like, I missed that-

Roberto:           Yup.

Dr. Zaino:          To access that level of emotion, so stage for me, is -

Roberto:  healing.

Dr. Zaino: the most authentic, it's the place that gives me the most authentic permission to be who I was created to be and yeah, I missed it, I was like, man, it was kind of nice, because you know I was kind of numb due to certain circumstances and I was able to get emotional, and I miss that.

Roberto:           That's powerful. And the idea about creating content... I love... I love the distinction because I relate, you know.

You know what's crazy, when I start doing... one of my first series I recorded on YouTube was How To Speak With Confidence. That was 2010 and I had the green screen, I recorded... and I recorded 7 videos and in my head I'm like, "Okay, I'll never talk about fear anymore, I think I've solved the problem."

I mean, record several videos, and I was like, man, and fast forward 10 years ago it's still a big problem people have, you know what I mean, and so now what I learned throughout the years, is that muscle about how to talk about the same thing in a different way, you know what I mean?

How do you, so how, what are some of the strategies that you've developed... because I think to be charismatic, to have the energy, you prepare but you've got to feel the content, so what are maybe a couple tips that you have from building content?

Dr. Zaino:          Well, I think you're right, it's like when you say, "Well, let me give you an example." So when we say that, "Let me give you an example," I'm pulling from, like... tRoberto, can I tell you about my son and his bow staff, because now I get to go into something that meant a lot to me and I get a -

Roberto:           I love that, yeah.

Dr. Zaino:          So remember, excitement and enthusiasm is a beautiful thing to do, so yeah, it's how do you find a story that means something to me? You know, so, let me give you an example and I'll tell you this story, and it's usually something, I mean, we have stories that are happening probably when you start to realize stories are happening all over, you get 10, 15 stories a day if you choose -

Roberto:           That's right.

Dr. Zaino:          [crosstalk 00:18:52]So that's why I'd be like I think it's the examples we use, and then I gave myself permission to do it, because, I mean like today, for instance, people their entire career is based on fasting, and I'm like, how do you write a book on fasting? Like, don't eat, you know. It blew my mind, Roberto, that someone could do podcasts, daily videos, write books, and make seven figures a year talking about not eating, and it's like how many questions, how many questions, because he's like... so I was like, you know why, number one, number one, they're excited about the topic [crosstalk 00:19:31] and when they're excited about the topic, they get the stories, but it's like, there is no variance guys, it's like, it blew my mind to realize, there's no excuse.

[crosstalk 00:19:42]

There's zero excuse.

Roberto:           Oh, that's good. Dr. Z, I'm sure people always love to hear from you, what is the best way people plug into your services, into your network, into groups, what's the best way to do that?

Dr. Zaino:          You could check out, I've got a really good master class for everybody, if you go to And check it out a really good master class on some of the concepts we stepped into, because remember, you've got to realize the definition of hero is someone who is admired and idealized for courage, contribution, outrageous achievement, and nobility. And when you could get the inner confidence saying, "Listen. My message counts and it's important," this, we're talking about charisma, you have to give yourself permission to be the hero.

Heroes have charisma, baby, when they show up, [crosstalk 00:20:30]

The thing is it has to start there because if you build this whole beautiful thing and the foundation isn't there and you, and you're down on yourself and insecure, it's a house of cards that topples onto you, so this is something, chiropractic or not a chiropractic, everything's here, that program will definitely get you started.

At least the master class will give you so much information so check it out.

Roberto:           Love that, buddy. My brother, thanks so much, I love you, bro. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and we'll talk soon. Dr. Chris Zaino!

Dr. Zaino:          Thanks, buddy.

Roberto:           Appreciate that.

Dr. Zaino:          Always.


Dr. Chris Zaino

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