Interview with Barbara Eaton

Roberto Monaco

Roberto Monaco

Co-founder, The Chiro Speaking Company
Roberto is the creator of the acclaimed 3-day public speaking seminar called Influencing From The Front, an experience that has improved the performance of thousands of presenters world-wide. Roberto is also the publisher of many online courses for the Influence Academy platform as well as monthly trainings for The Chiro Speaking Club.

Roberto:           Hey, Roberto [Monaco 00:00:01] here with the Chiro Speaking Company and the Chiro Speaking Club, and today we are going to talk about charisma on camera. And I have with us today a [Bower House 00:00:11] superstar, Dr. Barbara Eaton.

Roberto:           Dr. Barbara Eaton, what's up?

Dr. Eaton:         Hey Roberto, hey everyone. It's nice to meet you today, I'm excited to be on this journey.

Roberto:           We're going to have a lot of fun. And I want to pre-frame here, this training, the interview. So we're doing a training on charisma on camera. And then I was thinking about who in the chiropractor profession right now has a lot of charisma, does an amazing job on video, and is consistent? And then the name Dr. Barbara came up, and like, I got to interview her. And she was so kind to share some of her knowledge.

Roberto:           But let me introduce her for those who are... I think it's impossible to be a chiropractor don't know who you are, but I want to introduce you for those, if there's anybody out there don't know who Dr. Barbara is, she is the founder of the 56 Day Boot Camp, that I personally have experience with. And I'm telling you, it's a tribe, it's a community of powerful female chiropractors, they're like older sisters, and I know we have some you can talk about... I think we have a couple men too. And they just rock. And they are so active, it's a really powerful community, that I have been involved with, and it's really powerful to see the level of engagement and the level of support that you're able to create.

Roberto:           Dr. Barbara also was this year the chiropractor of the year. I was able to see you at [Sherman 00:01:37] receive an award, I'm very proud of you. And I think that we've done... three events, two events together, another event coming up in Phoenix at the end of the year. And, the most... I think, important thing, or the most magnetic thing that I learnt from you, that pops out, is how you're able to create these relationships that are so deep with your tribe. Because it's easy... Or, when you will speak in front of a camera, or on a stage, kind of put an act on. I know some people like to act on it, on camera, they act on it, on stage. But then, they turn around and they're a different person when they are just hanging out with few people.

Dr. Eaton:         Right.

Roberto:           And what I love about you, is because the same person that you are on camera, is the same person that you are when speaking. And then I turn around, and I see you travel, when you do events, when you go to events, I see you hanging out with your tribe members and they're really your friends. I mean literally, they're not like... Yeah, they're your clients, but really they are hanging out together, they have dinner together, they drink beer today, or hang out together. And I'm like, it's so beautiful to see. And I think last year, maybe three, four events that... I saw you and your tribe. And you’re always hanging out together, they're always open to invite other people who are not part of the tribe too, very welcome. So, I think you are able to create a very special group, because as a reflect of the leadership. So I'm so grateful that you're here today.

Dr. Eaton:         Thank you so much, and you're right. The Boot Camp, is so much more than I ever envisioned. You know, it's really fun because the Boot Camp is a reflection of how my practice was. When I opened my practice, I was raising my babies, and I just raised my kids with my practice members. We did the zoo together, we did birthday parties together, we did vacations together. I've never really been a subscriber of like, you have your personal persona, and then you have your public persona. I'm like, I'm the same person who shows up regardless, if I'm at church or if I'm out with friends, I'm that same person. I can't imagine how much energy is wasted if you're trying to figure out who am I supposed to be?

Roberto:           That's so true.

Dr. Eaton:         Right? I'm not going to spend my energy like that, so I just am. And I want to give you credit that you're the same way. Like I've gotten to be with you and Katie and Sophia, and you're the same person. And I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we live a value based life, that our values are just who we are, and so we don't have two separate sets and those values then also become our attraction magnet. That those who have similar values are going to come into our life and stick around. And that's something that I really, really love about the Boot Camp, is that it's about building badass female chiropractors who are instinctively successful, that no matter what condition they find themselves in, or circumstance, they know how to use that for their abundance.

Roberto:           I love that. So let's... Today in this interview, we want to have primarily three parts. In the first part, I want you to describe a little bit about your journey as a coach. Why you became a coach, and also, if you can segue into video. Because i feel like video... When I started video 10 years ago, a super important [inaudible 00:05:14], at that time didn't have a Facebook Video, did not have a LinkedIn Live. Right? Was just YouTube. But now, we have all these opportunities. So give us a background about why you became a coach and what was your journey using video Facebook Live?

Dr. Eaton:         Sure. So, like a lot of individuals, whether you're a chiropractor or you're an accountant, or you're in some other field, there was probably a journey of study. And mine was a journey of becoming a chiropractor, which was three and a half years in chiropractic college and then I had a four year degree before then.

Dr. Eaton:         So, while I was in school, I was a busy girl. I got pregnant and got married. And then continued on with my school and got pregnant again, so when I graduated I was pregnant and had a one year old. After graduation, I eventually gave birth to my daughter, and while I was in school I met a chiropractor, that's who I have my children with and he graduated after I did. So a year after graduation, I was like, "Okay, I'm ready. I want to open my own practice." I didn't know how to be a business woman. I wasn't taught that in school, and I knew... I could not afford to lose any ground, I couldn't afford to make really big mistakes. I had two kids, I had two student loans, I had mine and my, at the time, now ex-husband's. And so I wanted to hit the ground running.

Dr. Eaton:         So I hired my coach five months before I opened my practice.

Roberto:           Wow.

Dr. Eaton:         Yeah. In December of 1998, in a town of 5000 people, Christmas time, Southeastern Michigan. If you could ever have a whole bunch of strikes against you, I had them. By God's grace however, I went from zero office visits to 180 a week, in 89 days. And then I kept scaling from that.

Dr. Eaton:         So obviously that gained me some attention, and my coach asked me, "Would you like to coach other chiropractors?" And I was like, "Sure." Which, let me just say to all of you, when you drive to be your best, you will have way more doors open for you than when you just choose to be average. So, I had never been a coach before. And he asked me, "Will you help others?" And my answer was immediately, "Yes." If that makes me a better person, if it makes a bigger impact in the world, I'm in.

Dr. Eaton:         So, I started coaching chiropractors, that was in 1999. And continued coaching, and have done it full-time since the end of 2003, when I sold my practice and moved out of state.

Dr. Eaton:         My journey into video began... Let's see. So in 2013, I took my foot off the accelerator. I just started being average. That led to a lot of problems in my new marriage, as well. I put on a bunch of weight, I'd gotten older, and I didn't want to be on camera. Like, full disclosure, I didn't want to be on camera.

Roberto:           You didn't want to be on camera? That's hard to believe.

Dr. Eaton:         No, like I did this mental thing in my mind for about six months about... Like, who are you to speak? And you don't really look very good, and Facebook Live is going to go all over the world and do you really want all these people to see you? And you know, it's kind of like what you talk about, Roberto. If we make it about us, live in the lies. We live the fears. We live in the average. And I finally was like, but wait a minute, all of them... I have a message to share.

Dr. Eaton:         So, in 2017, I did my first Facebook Live. And I just went on camera, and the very first thing I said was, "I'm nervous." And... "If all of you are going to just me because I don't look great, because I don't look like I did in my 20s and my 30s and my early 40s anymore, so be it. But for those of you who want to stick around, I have some really cool things that I want to share with you."

Roberto:           Were you coaching when you started doing Facebook Live? You had your coaching business?

Dr. Eaton:         [crosstalk 00:09:38]

Roberto:           Okay.

Dr. Eaton:         I... Yeah. And I got to tell you, like stepping out big time to do Facebook Lives, right? Because now you have a global audience, you can't go back, it's live. Right? That really was a big kick in my pants to go from average to unstoppable. So, that's... I started the Boot Camp in 2017, I started doing Facebook Lives in 2017, all of these things started happening because I got out of my own way and I decided that all of you were more important than my fears. That all of you, were more important than me staying safe and playing it small.

Dr. Eaton:         And so, if you are watching this today and you're playing it small, I encourage you to step out and do something that terrifies you, because I'm confident that will open doors of excitement and enthusiasm and energy, where you can prove to yourself, "I am capable." So that's where I first started doing Facebook Lives, was then.

Roberto:           Help me, because I know... We've been for I think almost three years now, four years, and I feel like you have a Facebook Live almost every day. But, just to give [inaudible 00:10:51] for the listeners here, how many do you think have you done? A number.

Dr. Eaton:         I mean, I've done easily 500. I don't really know. But I do want to encourage all of you with this. I was, like Roberto said, I was named Chiropractor of the Year for Sherman College, in May. And their homecoming thing is called [Lyceum 00:11:14]. And as I was walking around there that weekend, even though I was named Chiropractor of the Year and it had already been in the magazines and stuff, people would look at me and I'd be like, "Facebook Live," and they'd be like... [inaudible 00:11:25] 1000 people. I'll walk around and they'll do a double take, and like, "Facebook Live."

Roberto:           I love that, I love it.

Dr. Eaton:         It's free, so you are crazy if you're trying to expand your brand and you're not doing Facebook Live.

Roberto:           I love that. I mean, we can do a whole... Have a lot of questions just on that alone. But I want to talk about, I want to focus on charisma. Charisma for me, and there's now the books on charisma, research on charisma, it's a hot topic. And charisma is such an important thing, I believe, when we present in front of a camera or present in front of one person, or present in front of a group, I think it's very important. And there's different definitions of charisma, people see it differently, that's why I love to talk about it.

Roberto:           For me, charisma is this aura, right? Of magnetism. Like, an aura. That means that if you have this aura, something about the person that is able to grab our attention. And it's just like, man, I have to watch her, doing Facebook Live.

Roberto:           And I have a quick story before we get into it. I remember when it was, 2003. I was working with Tony Robins, and at that time I used to do all this stuff, like 400 talks a year. And I had to do a talk for a car dealership in the morning. So I woke up super early, drove a couple of hours, did the talk, came back. I was living in Irvine at the time, and I remember going into my house, and I took a nap. And it was maybe around one o'clock, two o'clock in the afternoon. And then all of a sudden, my eyes open and I saw this preacher on TV, preaching. And you know when you... And literally you wake up, and you go like this. And your eyes go like this, and like, "Who... What is that?" It was TV... Jake's, you know? The minister. He's such a powerful speaker. But he has so much charisma that it woke me up out of my sleep, and I was like, for an hour watching the guy. So that's like, man, I want to have that. Right?

Roberto:           So in your definition, what is charisma, the way you see it?

Dr. Eaton:         I believe the same. I believe that charisma is your energy. And so, when we're at our maximum energy, our maximum attraction, [crosstalk 00:14:06] authentic. I was talking about, I can't imagine trying to be a bunch of different people.

Roberto:           Yeah.

Dr. Eaton:         Because I think that's going to lower your energy. Right? That's going to lower your vibrational frequency. So, if charisma is magnetism, then magnetism is energy, right? Vibrational energy.

Roberto:           For sure.

Dr. Eaton:         Individuals who have the most charisma then, are the most authentic. And, in their authenticity, it's all about their audience. Whether it's an audience of one, or it's an audience of 10,000, is that... I think one of my attraction magnets is I'm genuinely concerned and curious about human beings. And some of it is selfish, I don't believe that I have enough time in my life to make all of the mistakes, or to live all of the stories that other people have. But [inaudible 00:15:05] hear their story, and share it with somebody else, that would benefit their life? I'm in.

Dr. Eaton:         And so even as a speaker, if your genuine care, and your genuine driving force is your audience, how can you make a lasting impression in their life, and help transform their life? Your energy [quotion 00:15:26], your charisma, is going to go up.

Roberto:           I love that. I love that.

Dr. Eaton:         Yeah, it's-

Roberto:           How many people in chiropractic... So, because I know, one thing that I want to point out that I think is really powerful, I learned, you... Because everybody who joins your tribe, you've got do a consultation with you, and I remember you said a statistic that's pretty incredible. You said that you spoke with 700 plus [inaudible 00:15:50]. What is the number again?

Dr. Eaton:         Yeah, I've done a video call or a phone call with almost 700 female chiropractors, and some male. The Boot Camp is 93% women. In the past two years.

Roberto:           So, when it comes to... And I want to just circle back to charisma and energy, it comes from being authentic. How many, just as a sample, and I'm talking about the people before they join the Boot Camp, just [crosstalk 00:16:19] the industry. Do you find that a lot of people are living... They're not living this authentic self, authentic life, that's stopped them from bringing their charisma, their vibration, their energy up. Do you find that to be true?

Dr. Eaton:         100%. And what they're really searching for is... So, the greatest threat to any of us living to our optimum potential is a low demand environment. Right?

Roberto:           Oh that's good. Can you say it again? Make sure people write it down. That was a good one.

Dr. Eaton:         Yeah. So the greatest threat to you living your optimum potential, to me living my optimum potential, to Roberto living his optimum potential is a low demand environment. And what I mean by a low demand environment, is either the conversations that we have in our mind, which comes from our subconscious mind, that say, "Go slow, you've got to have balance. Don't go too hard," or, "Don't think of yourself to highly." All of these things. Or people around you who say, "You're a workaholic," or, "It's not all about the money," or all of this nonsense that isn't true. It's just dog hair that's attached to you because they're carrying around their dog hair.

Dr. Eaton:         And so, I don't remember the exact question but, about... Oh, women in-

Roberto:           Yeah, what's the... Because a lot of people, I asked the question was like, why people they're not living their true self, authentic life, because... that's stopped them from being more charismatic, more magnetic. You know?

Dr. Eaton:         Yeah. It's layers of lies.

Roberto:           Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dr. Eaton:         Really and truly, it's layers of lies that they don't have the tools to peel back, those lies, to be authentically themselves. And do you know, it's really interesting, when I developed the Boot Camp in April of 2017, my thought was I'm going to develop this Boot Camp, it was eight topics, seven days of training per topic. And my intention was to connect with older male chiropractors, which, this is so funny... Who had all of this experience and I feel like we're going to lose that wisdom if we don't bring them back in, because it's like they've lost their voice because technology has taken over.

Dr. Eaton:         And the reason I wanted that, is because in my experience as a female chiropractor who's enjoyed a lot of success, I wasn't really supposed to talk about it. And the only circles I could talk about it, were with the guys. And so I had to run with the guys. And that, most women that I had met up until that point, in my profession, were very much like, doing chiropractic as a hobby. Instead of as a business. And I just didn't... I didn't resonate with that. And so I felt like I was unicorn, right?

Dr. Eaton:         So when I developed this, and I came out with my message, there were all of these women that came out of the woodwork. And they were like, "Yeah, I want to be badass. Yeah, I want to be instinctively successful." And therein lies the Boot Camp. And so, when I say individuals not living to their potential, it's like, they had all of this dog hair. They knew that there was a different story. They knew that there was a soil that they just needed to find, in order to plant, and be this like... magnificent oak tree. They just didn't know where it was, it's in the Boot Camp.

Roberto:           I love that. I didn't know that was the original plan. I thought you always had the goal to just have... I didn't know that. That's fantastic.

Dr. Eaton:         Can I do a speed bump there?

Roberto:           Yes, of course.

Dr. Eaton:         So listen to me here, everyone. This is why it's so important for you to be authentic in your message. When you are authentic in your message, who you attract will naturally come. Remember, I thought what I wanted was to serve older men. I was authentic in my message, and guess who came? Badass women. Because I was true to my message, I was true to what was in my heart.

Roberto:           Yeah, and you hit the nail when you talked about charisma being energy. You know? That's so true, because what stops us from vibrate... Because a lot of times, I have a couple people who have told me that sometimes I walk in a room and they've said, "When you walk in the room, I was going to buy from you. I didn't even know what you were going to talk about." It's just energy. You know?

Dr. Eaton:         Yes.

Roberto:           You can call it purpose energy. And I wrote down, because the idea is to remove the layers of lies. Right? So because you're the queen of Facebook Live, and the whole training here's about charisma on camera, how to be your authentic self, so that you attract more of people with your values, can you share some tips for someone out there like, "Yeah, I heard about video, heard about Facebook Live." But they're still not doing it, or they're not doing it consistently. What are some of the tips, maybe one or two tips, ideas that you can give to them.

Dr. Eaton:         Number one, make sure that you're talking about a subject matter that you're passionate about. Right? And allow that passion then to fuel the conversation. Two, when you interview individuals, make it like... And that's something I'm definitely known for, is interviewing people. And my whole goal when I interview somebody is to make them look like a rock star. Like, for a couple of reasons. One, if they look like a rock star, they're going to share it around. And guess what? When they share it around, who's going with them?

Roberto:           Yeah. That's true. Yeah.

Dr. Eaton:         I make them look good, but it's also serving me. So, anytime we can do a win-win, that's always better in our lives. So that's the number two thing, is make the person you're interviewing look like a rock star.

Dr. Eaton:         Number three, really focus on who is this message for? So, if I'm doing a Facebook Live by myself, I have my avatar in my mind. And I'm speaking directly to that-

Roberto:           Some people may not know the word avatar.

Dr. Eaton:         Oh, sure. So your avatar is a compilation of who is your ideal client? And make sure that you have a picture of who that is in your mind. What is their gender? What is their age? What do they like? What are they looking for? And if you're looking for how to create your ideal avatar, I'm sure Roberto has it, if Roberto doesn't I'm happy to give you a questionnaire that walks you through that. Because that's how you customize your message. It doesn't mean you say no to other people, it just means like, this is what I want my magnet to attract. So that's another way to have charisma, is to in your mind be talking to that one person.

Roberto:           I love that. I love that.

Dr. Eaton:         The fourth thing is, again, it's not about you. It's not about you. It's about the individuals who you are giving the opportunity to transform their lives.

Roberto:           So a quick question, I want to talk about this one here, [inaudible 00:23:19]. Have you ever made a mistake on Facebook Lives?

Dr. Eaton:         I'm 100%, every time.

Roberto:           Yeah? Because that's a big thing that people like... "I want to be a... It's not about me, it's about them. But what if I mess up?" Right? So I just want to address that, you know? Because-

Dr. Eaton:         Yeah, honestly I never... I sometimes feel like I didn't get that gene, about being afraid of messing up. No, I'm serious. Let me tell you where it came from. All of you raising children, it came from the fact that my mom and dad had us performing at a pretty young age. And it started with every year we would go to Florida from thanksgiving to Christmas. My dad was a farmer, and when he finally got the crop out of the field, then we got to go away together as a family.

Dr. Eaton:         And so while we were gone, my mom would teach my siblings and I, I was the baby. She would teach us a song, or a bible verse, or a skit, and then we would go and perform it at Christmas time for our family. And I'm sure we messed up, but we didn't know. We're just kids, right? And then, I remember even junior high and high school, when my mom and my sister and I would be places, if something needed to be said, even though I was the youngest, my mom and my sister would be like, "You go ask." Like, "Okay. Here I go."

Dr. Eaton:         And so for all of you, please, put your children in situations where they have to step up. And here's the biggest thing I see parents doing, stop letting your children be shy. They've only learned that because of your responses. So the whole idea of like, let's say I have Sophia by my side. And she's old enough to engage with people at this point in her life. And somebody comes up, and she hides behind me as her mother. I would physically take her, and I'd say, "Sophia. This is Roberto, tell him hello." That's what my parents did, and that's what I did with my kids. And I will tell you, it makes a huge difference, and I taught my kids eye contact. When you're walking, walk with confidence. Put your shoulders back, your chin is parallel to the floor, point your toes forward, suck in your gut.

Dr. Eaton:         Teaching them all of that confidence stuff when they're young, will have a huge impact. My son Samson, as a sixth grader, stood in front of 600 people and recited all of Isaiah 63.

Roberto:           Wow.

Dr. Eaton:         It's a very, very [crosstalk 00:25:55] biblical passage, and my kids could stand in front of 1000 people and speak, and they wouldn't have any fears. And so, it was never about the fear, as a child. It was about doing what I'm supposed to do. And so I encourage all of you that, I don't know... I've messed up today, I keep flicking with my hair. I don't know, I may have boogers in my nose I can't see. But I haven't really thought about that, to be honest.

Dr. Eaton:         I never think about what if I mess up. It just doesn't come into my [crosstalk 00:26:26].

Roberto:           I love it, because that's... I think that's part of the charisma [inaudible 00:26:30], this attraction is part of the magnet. Because I think people want to be able to tap into their energy, because nobody's perfect. People make mistakes. And it'll be like, "I want to be comfortable in my skin... to be able to just be me." You know?

Roberto:           So Dr. Barbara, you provided so much gold today. And I'm sure a lot of people ask, "How do I work like a Barbara? What she's up to? What is the website?" If the people listening to us want to know more about your mission, your work, how to talk to you, what's the best way to reach out, or what's the websites that they should contact you?

Dr. Eaton:         So, can I do a speed bump for just a word you said there?

Roberto:           Yeah, of course, of course.

Dr. Eaton:         It's confidence. Right? So many people I talk to, they're like, "I wish I had your confidence." So, let me tell you all something. It's like building a muscle. Your confidence isn't going to grow because you think about it. Just like if I think about right now, "Man, I'd love to have six pack abs." I'm thinking about it, I'm thinking about it, I'm thinking about it. It's not changing anything. I have to actually work, right? I have to put forth effort. I have to break things down, I have to break those muscles down for them to build up six pack abs.

Dr. Eaton:         It's the same thing in confidence, whether it's confidence in public speaking, confidence in your office, confidence in your relationships. It's because you step out and do it. So please don't think that confidence is going to come because you think about it. It's not.

Roberto:           100%.

Dr. Eaton:         It's going to be because you act. So, here's a great way to act., or you can just go to my website, You can see there are over 56 testimonials from amazing chiropractors from all over the world. Check out their stories. If nothing else, check out their stories and see yourself in one of their stories to know that you can do it too. So, go to my website. I'll give you my cellphone number if you want to text me, it's 907-444-9043. 907-444-9043. I am in Alaska, so if you text me at 8:00 AM on the East Coast, it's going to hit me at 4:00 AM. Actually, I'll probably be up at 4:00, but if you text me at 3:00 AM, I'm probably not up.

Dr. Eaton:         So that's the best way. And listen, if coaching isn't personal, it's not coaching. So, how the journey with me begins is just like this. We're going to get on a video conference together, and it's going to be real coaching. I'll ask you right at the beginning if I can have the permission to offer tough love and call you out if need be. And, I give you that permission on our call to call me out. Because I'm on this journey too, I don't know it all. And I have my own crap that I deal with on a daily basis.

Dr. Eaton:         From there, if I'm confident I can help you, I'll tell you exactly what that looks like. If not, I'll refer you to somebody who can.

Roberto:           I highly encourage our viewers to reach out to Dr. Barbara. We did two events for the Boot Camp members. One was in San Diego, [inaudible 00:29:34]. We have one coming up in Phoenix. I'm telling you, Dr. Barbara's a power house. And the members of Boot Camp are just... a powerful group of ladies who support each other, they take action. And I see how, because I'm part of the group, and I see that the engagement level is off the charts. It was very beautiful to see. Very beautiful to see.

Dr. Eaton:         Thank you. So, this is another one of those like, just step out and what can I lose? Something that's near and dear to my heart is to not be a part of useless chatter. And for years, I have seen in our profession, specifically chiropractic, this bitching that goes on about, "There aren't enough women on stage! There aren't enough women on stage!" And I don't believe it's because we've been rejected, I believe that it's because women didn't step up to learn how to be powerful speakers. Like, don't put me on any stage because I'm a woman. Forget it.

Dr. Eaton:         If I find out that's why I'm on the stage, I will not come to your stage. I want to earn that, right? And so when Roberto and I met, I'm like, this is the guy that can help me solve this. No one else solved it yet, this is the guy that can help me solve it. And so I said, "Hey, Roberto. What do you think about doing a private event. Just 12 female chiropractors, and I, and you, and let's train them up. Let's dive deep, let's get really granular with how to be powerhouses from the stage." And he was like, "I'm in."

Dr. Eaton:         So we didn't know what it was going to look like, we didn't know. We just knew the end product was, is we wanted to help women be powerful on stage. That was enough to motivate us to figure out all of the steps in between. And it has been remarkable to see what these women are doing. Dr. Erin Jacobs Stagner is on... I don't even know how many national stages, as a result from that first training. Dr. Amanda [inaudible 00:31:36], Dr. Paula [Abrufin 00:31:37]. Just on and on and on. Dr. Robin Hale. Just like, stage after stage after stage that they didn't even know they had the opportunity to speak on, and now they're doing it.

Dr. Eaton:         So thank you so much, I greatly appreciate your willingness to say, "Yes." And we have [inaudible 00:31:55].

Roberto:           I like the one analysis that you used... Run and break things. What is it you said?

Dr. Eaton:         Run fast and break things.

Roberto:           That's it, I love that. Dr. Barbara, much love to you and your family. I appreciate you very much. So grateful for the opportunity and for sharing your wisdom with our community today. Thanks so much.

Dr. Eaton:         Thank you. God bless you all, have a great day.

Roberto:           Bye bye.

Dr. Eaton:         Bye.

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Dr. Barbara Eaton

"The Chiropractor's Success Coach"

Dr Barbara Eaton is a farm-girl at heart, which taught her a number of invaluable lessons: work hard when the time is right or you’ll never get your crop planted or harvested; God and family are what matter most-the rest is just “stuff”; you only get ahead when the whole team wins; and of course-early to bed and early to rise… These truths cultivated a strong foundation for Dr Eaton as she entered the world of entrepreneurialism.

Dr Barbara opened her chiropractic practice in Dec 1998 at the tender age of 29. In less than 90 days she was serving over 180 office visits per week. This momentum continued to escalate leading her to expand her brand with associates, serving her community on the highest level.

For the past 20 years, chiropractors have enthusiastically hired Dr Barbara as their coach when they’re at a plateau and know they’re capable of so much more. New doctors recognize that they learned the skills necessary to be a great chiropractor, but most feel very deficient in the world of business! This robs them of serving chiropractic to the masses and ultimately keeps our profession small so they join Dr Barbara’s award-winning 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp. In addition to creating the 2018 Chiropractic program of the Year, The 56-Day Chiropractic Boot Camp, she also founded The Women’s Chiropractic Leadership Summit. In May, Dr Barbara was named Sherman College of Chiropractic, 2019 Chiropractor of the Year.

Dr Eaton attributes her success first to God and secondarily to being relentless in her pursuit to create and share intellectual capital coupled with building relationships with some of the brightest entrepreneurs on the planet: Michael Michalowicz; author of Profit First and Clockwork; Dr Matthew Loop, the highest-paid social media revenue strategist in North America and author of How Social Media Made Me Rich and How It Can You Too; Garrett Gunderson, New York Times bestselling author of Killing Sacred Cows, What Would the Rockefellers Do, and The 5-Day Weekend, as well as the Founder and Chief Wealth Architect at The Wealth Factory; and bestselling author of The Zig Zag Principle, Rich Christiansen.

Dr Barbara has shared the stage with super stars like: Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, Tucker Max, Klute Blackson, and JP Sears.

Dr Barbara is well-known for driving hard, having contagious energy, and an unquenchable thirst for helping chiropractors take ALL-IN, MASSIVE action as #goaldiggers. If you know that you have untapped potential, open your heart and mind to Dr Eaton’s message because the world is waiting for you to show up as your very best! “You’re one decision away from a completely different life.” T. Grover