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The 5 BIGGEST Mistakes Presenters Make (and how to avoid them)

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”  Mahatma Gandhi I can assure you I have used my freedom of speech to make A LOT of mistakes in my career… Obviously, after more then 4,000 live presentations, hundreds of videos and countless webinar presentations, one thing I am certain…

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An open letter (video) for Chiros

As a chiropractor, this may be the most important message you hear. Please watch this video as I speak from the heart about a very personal subject… about a conversation that you have with only yourself. Remember don’t speak to inform, speak to transform! Roberto Monaco

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Studies, stories & conversions

After 12,000 hours of one on one public speaking coaching, I can assure you that every speaker has a presentation default. Some speakers love to present statistics, facts, and definitions… Some speakers love to present their scientific studies… Some speakers love to present analogies and metaphors to explain their point of view, it comes naturally…

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How Chiropractic has changed our lives

6 years ago, I did not know what Chiropractic was… 6 years ago, I did not know what a Chiropractor did… 6 years ago, I did know how a vertebral subluxation could negatively impact my health… And most importantly, 6 years ago, I did not know the miracles that Chiropractic could bring to my life……

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Should you use handouts? (Yes or No)

As I was preparing for a talk that I’m giving this week, I thought about you. More importantly, I wondered if you were using handouts when giving your chirp-specific talks. I do and I think you should too. Here’s why: Don’t speak to inform, speak to transform! Roberto Monaco

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The subluxation of presentations

Can you remember a time you were speaking on your cell phone and the connection was poor? You could hear the other person, but couldn’t quite tell what is she saying? Or in the movies, when they would use a radio and the static would bounce in an out? Well, that happens in live talks…

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2018 Your Best Year


Public Speaking Seminar

May 18th-20th
Atlanta, Georgia