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Archive for February 2018

93% closing rate last 8 weeks

Anybody can speak once and convert 9 out of 10 people. Doing it consistently is a different conversation, it is extremely difficult. I just received an unsolicited email from one of our coaching clients that read “over the last 8 weeks in our clinic we closed 93% during our group doctor’s report”. After I read…

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Is Ellen DeGeneres a Speaking Coach?

Is Ellen DeGeneres a speaking coach? That was what I asked myself when I read her quote. “Let’s be honest. It’s not that we don’t have the time for long speeches. It is that we don’t have time for boring speeches” (quoted by Folk, 2014) She is 100% correct. People think talks have to be…

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How NOT to be invited back to speak

It is common knowledge that a person can learn a lot from one’s mistake. Since I started my speaking career in 2002, I have made several mistakes that have prevented me from helping more people, making more money and growing the business. In today’s video I want to share with you one of the biggest…

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Identity Expansion: the missing link to chiropractic domination

It is estimated that around 27 million Americans go to a Chiropractor every year, which is about 8% of the USA population. Any chiropractor or chiropractic coach would agree that this number should be way higher, but how do you go from 8% to 20, 30, 50% or more? Unfortunately, the chiropractic industry does not…

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The anti-conversion series # 1: Public Speaking Training For Chiros

When I was working for the Anthony Robbins companies back in 2003, one of my earlier influence mentors told me this: “Sometimes, if you want to become more persuasive, it is not about adding a new strategy, it is about removing what is preventing you from selling more.” That was a great lesson for me…

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