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Archive for November 2017

This throws newbie speakers off their game

A major challenge for newly minted speakers is how to handle things that aren’t in the script. Hecklers, computer malfunctions, rude people, car horns, birds anything that wasn’t planned often throws people off their game. A tenured teacher has seen and experienced it all. They become masters of handling situations like this. A teacher from…

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People don’t really get it until they experience it.

People don’t really get it until they experience it. Rio —> Buenas Aires —> Florianopolis those are the places I’ve been in just the last 10 days. I finally had an American friend come visit me here in Brazil. I’ve been preaching for years how rich the culture is, how vast, beautiful, and different the…

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Troll teaches Chiro Marketing

Superfan Michael writes in: “Jeff, are you really that illiterate, or did you outsource the writing of that drivel to someone who speaks English as their third language?  Why would anyone take speaking advice from someone who cannot write???” I had several thoughts when I read this. First, “English as a THIRD language” made me…

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Would you let Warren Buffett Invest your money?

Not too long along I posted a question on Flakebook. I asked, “If Warren Buffet would manage your money, would you do it?” Shockingly (actually, not so much), MANY people wouldn’t just throw their money to them. They all had opinions why you shouldn’t… … You need to diversify … Warren Buffett is getting old…

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The link between ur RAS and ur EXes and presenting better

From the files of “I bet you didn’t know that”: Do you know what your RAS (Reticular Activating System) is? It’s the part of the brain that tells us what to “notice”, or what to “pay attention to” from all the information that we are being bombarded by (unconsciously). Let me demonstrate: Can you remember…

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