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How to know if you’re a loser

From the files of Personal Development: I recently hopped on FacelessBook and came across a post that actually made me think. Taylor wrote,: “This morning at Starbucks I listened to someone literally complain to a “friend” about everything not going well in their life. Which was pretty much everything lol. Job sucks. Not enough money.…

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When the Drama Queen is King

Have you ever watched a movie where they start you walking down a very interesting path and then they suddenly cut away to another scene and you’re like, “wait, what happened with X?…” In script writing and NLP, this concept is called an open loop. When we apply it to public speaking, we call it…

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Paris futsballers, rappers and your personal stories

Paris street futsballers like the rappers be they can relate to personal stories. They touch them on a deep level. That’s what happens when you tell your personal story correct. The back story: Watching documentaries is one of the best ways I know of to grow as a human being (and autobiographies). A well-produced documentary…

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Why time is not money

“While to many ‘time is money,’ it’s probably more universal to say that ‘money is time.’ After all, time is the currency of everyone’s life. When it’s spent, the game is over” — Joel Greenblatt You Can Be A Stock Market Genius One of the greatest gifts of having money is your ability to have…

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How to talk out your a$$ and have people still believe you.

“You could be talking out your ass and people would still believe you.” That’s what I well-known copywriter said about speaking from the stage. He said it’s called the podium effect. I couldn’t help but think, DUH!… how do you think Politicians get elected? He’s right though, the mere fact that you’re “the Speaker” in…

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The snake and the rope

In a book that I recently read there was a great parable that went something like this…. “A man walks at night along a path. He sees a poisonous snake blocking his way and turns and runs in the opposite direction. The next morning he’s walking down the same path and notices a rope, coiled up, in…

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Never take chiro advice from this person

From the files of do as I say, not as I do: I live right next door to the gym where I work out. Often times I’ll see the trainers in passing as they are coming and going from work. These guys/girls make their living selling health and fitness advice. So when I see a…

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The Dhando Presenter, low-risk, high-return

Dhando (pronounced dhun-doe). Dhan comes from the Sanskrit word Dhana meaning wealth. Dhan-dho, literally translated, means “endeavors that create wealth.” In the street it means business. But what is business if not to an endeavor to create wealth? This comes from a fascinating book I just read called The Dhando Investor by Mohnish Pabrai. It’s…

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Little known influence tactic to increase conversions

I recently re-entered the world of Facebook and quickly realized why I had left in the first place. Facebook was meant to be a place to keep informed of what’s happening in your circle of influence’s lives. What it quickly began was a platform for everyone to post their political and social opinions. You don’t…

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Automatic No

No! is the automatic answer. Whenever you ask your patient/lead to buy from you, their mind automatically finds reasons to say no. Think about it, they certainly don’t look for a reason to say yes! When chiropractors hear a no, most, simply tuck their tales between their legs and go on about their business. A…

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2018 Your Best Year


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