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Why not speaking this language is costing you moolah

Yesterday I was looking at some photos from my trip to Europe a few years back. Though I can’t remember all of it (I think their alcohol is a bit stronger over there), I do remember something very clearly. When I was in Eastern Europe I felt completely lost. I remember ordering from a menu…

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What to do when somebody stumps you

Awhile ago a reader wrote in and wanted to know: “what do I do when someone stumps me? When they ask me a question that I don’t know the answer to?” As you’re reading that I know what you’re thinking, “duh, tell them the truth”. But… what you rationally say you would and what you…

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The story of 2 blokes who broke the internet.

One of the biggest and most watched fights took place over the weekend. Claims as the “biggest” are obviously relative to the fight fan. But claims as the most watched are non disputable. People from all around the globe gathered to watch this bad boy, myself included, here in Brazil. I used a VPN (makes…

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Are you making this presentation mistake?

Today’s daily dose of presentation prophecy comes from R to the O to the Berto. Here is something he’s noticed that 99.9% of the clients we work with do wrong. Are you making this presentation mistake too? Onward and upward, Jeff Paro The Chiro Speaking Company Resources Mentioned:

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The Dangers of Nintendo Neck (and why you want one).

From the files of genius marketing: I read an article where a Chiropractor was being interviewed about the dangers of “Nintendo Neck”. I didn’t even need to read the rest of the article to know exactly what she was going to talk about. It’s brilliant. In marketing this is a perfect example of a “Big…

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Confession: It’s my fault.

Do I look like a Thiago? I don’t think so. But, even if I don’t look like one, I must sound like one. Here’s why: I was at the Starbucks near my place in Ipanema, Brazil. There was an English guy in front of me who was asking the cashier if someone there spoke English.…

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YIKES! Holy situation, Batman!

We have a long time friend and client of ours named Dixie. Besides having been to all our seminars, every year she hires us to help her with an annual talk she gives. Like all the previous times, she recorded her presentation, sent it in, and Roberto worked his wizardry and sent it back to…

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Do you know my Frenemy?

Good day my presentation progeny… I’m sure you enjoyed hearing from the grand pooba of presentation, Roberto, but now I’m taking back the reigns with some rock’m and sock’m public speaking insights to fill those chiropractor coffers… (look at that alliteration) On my journey to recovering from losing part of my thumb (aka “the accident”),…

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The majority of the speaking you will do is to change this…

One of my favorite entrepreneurs, Richard Branson once said: “The art of storytelling can be used to drive change”. That is what business and life is about, change: … change jobs, … change companies, … change carriers, … change supplies, … change mindsets, … change behaviors, … change eating habits, … change software, … change…

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2018 Your Best Year


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